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Antenna Repairs & Servicing

So you aren’t getting any picture on your TV? Prior to making that call, evaluate the following:

  • Ensure your TV and power cables are connected to the wall sockets as well as the TV
  • Try and perform an auto or manual scan for TV Channels (refer back to your TV’s owner manual)
  • If you do have an amplifier in your system ensure the power supply is plugged in and turned on
  • For further information here’s a great video to help you do some troubleshooting

If you’re unable to resolve your TV reception issues Check Antenna Services will do a full assessment of your current antenna system and diagnose any reception problems using specialised equipment.

There are many causes of poor TV reception. This could be cabling, splitters, connectors, amplifiers, incorrect installation or an antenna that has moved off alignment.

Storm damage to TV Antennas is common also, especially during electrical storms.  High winds can damage antennas and heavy rain can cause shorting and other issues.

If it is an antenna repair you require, our technician is able to assess and provide you with a free onsite quote accordingly. In most circumstances our technician is able to fix the problem for you on that very same day – it means you’ll be enjoying your favourite TV shows with perfect picture clarity and no more annoying dropouts.

Call us today on 1800 577 345 for a free quote. Our technicians are fully insured, qualified, police checked and experienced, while all our products come with industry-leading warranties.

If you’re sick of poor TV reception allow us to analyse and resolve your antenna issues once and for all.